Flower Names You May Not Know

Do you know all the flower names? You may be surprised to know that there are a lot of flowers that are called by their common names, too. Let’s take a look at some of them. For example, if you are a fan of Gardenia, you should be happy to learn that it has a name. However, if you are looking for a more unique flower name, try the ones below: Clementia, Tansy, and Amaryllis.


There are over 200 different gardenia varieties, ranging from dwarf shrubs to eight-foot trees. Many of the varieties have flowers two to four inches wide. Some bloom only once a year, while others bloom again. Gardenia cultivars are zone-dependant, and can’t grow outdoors below zone 6.


The Amaryllis flower has velvety petals that are a deep burgundy red, with a creamy-white strip down the middle. The flower itself is 12 inches across, with long, elegant stamens. The flower is not flashy, but rather elegant and classy. Its petals are star-shaped, with cranberry-red stripes and white throats. The amaryllis can grow to be as tall as 2 feet in height and can be stored for years.


The Clementia is a flower name that has a great deal of meaning, as the letters of the name all describe aspects of a person’s personality. The meanings of the letters in the name Clementia are as follows: self-reliance, creativity, loyalty, integrity, and relationship. It also describes a person’s core values and moral principles. This flower’s flower meaning is extroverted and masculine, making it a good choice for people who are ambitious and like to travel.

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The word “tansy” was derived from the Greek word ‘athanaton’ which meant ‘long life’. The name refers to the plant’s long-lasting flowers. In the past, the leaves of the tansy plant were used to preserve fragile foods. In the West, this plant is widely naturalized. Its scent is reminiscent of rosemary and camphor. Here are some interesting facts about this plant and its flower names.


Several flowering plants are known by their flower names, including the phalaenopsis. The genus name, which is derived from the Ancient Greek words phalaina and opis, refers to the flower’s moth-like appearance. The genus is native to the Philippines, Borneo, and Indonesia. Phalaenopsis flower names vary by variety, but these common ones are commonly associated with the flower.


Embelia ribes is a plant species with a wide range of uses. Originally described by Nicolaas Laurens Burman in Flora Indica, it is now widely distributed throughout South and Southeast Asia, and is considered medicinal in many cases. Its dried berries contain embelin, a nutrient with a wide range of biological activities. For this reason, it is also called false pepper.


The beautiful and colorful flowers of the alstroemeria family have several different names. These flowers are often included in mixed bouquets and are considered a symbol of love, friendship, and devotion. Because of their many different colors and meanings, they can convey a wide range of messages. The flower, which can last up to two weeks in fresh water, is a popular choice for wedding bouquets. Read on to learn more about the names and meaning of Alstroemeria!

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Aster species are easy to grow and can be used in borders or containers. Their attractive flowers are often accompanied by bees and butterflies. They are also popular in cottage and coastal gardens. These beautiful flowers are drought-tolerant, but can be prone to verticillium wilt and powdery mildew. In addition to attracting pollinators, asters are also very low maintenance and require little water.

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